• High heat efficiency
  • Low Running Cost
  • Never Runs Out Of Hot Water
  • Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions-


  • Economical Operation :You only pay to heat the water you use. No stored hot water, significantly reducing yearly running costs.
  • Endless Hot Water : The gas water heater can shower continuously (As long as there is gas and battery available, they never run out)
  • Space Saving, Compact Size : The gas water heater is much smaller than standard storage water heaters, it provides faster greater installation flexibility and requires much less floor or wall space around the home.
  • Environmental Friendly :Direct use of gas is a cleaner process that generates much less waste. When electricity is generated from burning gas in a thermal power station up to 67% of the energy can be wasted. When heating water with gas in your home as little as 6% of the energy is wasted.
  • Remote Water Controller :Controls are optional extra. Remote controls allows you to control required temperature and even bath-fill.
  • Safety Features :There are a number of safety features incorporated such as heat exchanger thermistor, hot water outlet thermistor, flame rod, over heat switch, fusible link, water pressure relief valve, electrical fuse and surge protector, boil dry prevention, conbustion fan RPM check and temperature cut out.


Gas: LPG / NG

  • Input Rating Max: 30,000 kcal/h
  • Input Rating Min: 2,600 kcal/h/li>

Operation: 220v-240v / 50Hz
Factory Pre-set Temp: 55°c
Fixed Temp by DipSW:42,50,55,60,65,75,85°c
Total Supply Point: 2-3 Bathrooms
* Supply Point : The number of point the Gas Hot Water Heater can supply depends on water pressure, ambient water temperature and the outlets’ water flow capacity.
Casing Colour: Euro White


Dimension: W 350mm D 170mm H 530mm